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Folar Transmontano

Folar com Chá - Pão de Gimonde

Folar with Tea – Pão de Gimonde

These are the days of great hustle and bustle in our Gimonde bakey during this Easter season as we respond to orders from all over the country.

Stuffed with smoked meats from the region, such as chorizo, lard and ham, the folar is still made in accordance with the precepts of tradition, requiring it to be cooked in a wood oven.

In this bakery there are no trans fats (a type of unsaturated fatty acids). Only olive oil and non-hydrogenated vegetable margarine are used, which makes the folar lighter, and more easily digestible.

All these ingredients have been fundamental in taking further afield the delicacy of this village near Bragança.

We invite you to try it!